Starbucks is adding two new non-dairy drinks to their permanent menu.

As a dairy-allergy advocate, I'm here for this.

Having a dairy allergy is super tough, especially when your body decides to adopt one late in life. You legit can't enjoy half the things you once were able to.

So things like the Starbucks Macchiato are totally off my menu now, but Starbucks has come back to the rescue with two new non-dairy drinks.

According to Thrillist, Starbucks has introduced, "two brand new drinks for all who are lactose-intolerant or dairy-free: the Almondmilk Honey Flat White and a Coconutmilk Latte."


Thrillist describes the 'Almondmilk Honey Flat White' as "Starbucks' signature blonde espresso, steamed almondmilk, a touch of honey, and a foam dot to tie it all together for a nutty and lightly sweet drink." and the 'Coconutmilk Latte' as "shots of blonde espresso paired with steamed coconutmilk and topped with a dash of cascara sugar."


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