I think we all have the same dream of buying a lottery ticket and finding out you're a millionaire. The next day, you quit your job, take your family on a big vacation and start looking to upgrade your home and car. The sad news is, for most of us, this will never happen, but all is good. People still play the lottery anyway, including me!

The Patch, posted an article yesterday talking about the states that spend the most on lottery tickets and found out that adults spend on average $313 a year on lottery tickets, but certain states spend even more. According to MoneyWise, people from New Jersey spent $449.22 per person on lottery tickets back in 2016, which out them number 7 on a list of 20 states researched. In the same article, MoneyWise found that people from Pennsylvania spent an average of $383.71 on lottery tickets. That landed them number 11 on the list. Check out the MoneyWise article to see what other states spend the most on lottery tickets.

MoneyWise says that invested in stocks are much more beneficial than buying lottery tickets, but hey, I say, if you like buying your lottery tickets, keep buying your lottery tickets.

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