I am a proud Cowboys fan, but I do recognize I now live in Eagles territory so I need to be respectful.

Despite losing to The Dallas Cowboys yesterday afternoon 29-23, the Eagles still have a chance to win the NFC East and make the playoffs. It's a super small, super slim chance, but with the faith this city has....anything is possible. Here is what would need to happen.

The Eagles have three remaining games. They play the Rams, The Texans and the Redskins. The Eagles would need to win all three games, okay? But that's not all that needs to happen. The Dallas Cowboys, who currently hold the number one spot, they would need to lose ALL of their remaining three games.

That is the only way the eagles could win the NFC East, and their record would be 9-7 to the Cowboys' 8-8.

There is another way the Eagles could worm their way into the playoffs; the Wild Card. They would need a bunch of teams to lose in order to solidify their spot. Details here.

All in all, the Eagles need some help and some prayer. But they did it once, they can do it again!





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