It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Where people find some extra kindness in their hearts and people in general are just happier? Well, that may be the case for most, but for porch pirates, this time of year is the best for them, because it's the easiest time for them to get their hands on other people's packages. Yes, these people exist and incidents of stolen packages are happening more and more every year.

The Patch has some awesome ideas to help prevent your stuff from getting stolen this holiday season. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Talk to your neighbors and start a little package watch group. When I lived in an apartment, all the neighbors watched out for each other since we all worked different hours. We had one entrance per four units and if we saw a package outside in front of our entryway, we pulled it in behind the doors, which you could only access if you lived there and had a key.
  • Don't let those packages stay out there for long. Most of the apps you order from have a setting where you can get notifications, so turn them on. That way you know right your packages are bring delivered and you can run outside and get them if you're home. I always know when the Amazon packages arrive at my house because my puppy Stella starts barking like crazy.

These are good to get you started, but you can see more suggestions by visiting this article written by The Patch.

Happy Holidays!

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