Never in my life did I think I would attempt to find love on a reality TV show, yet here I am. I am one of the 6,500 women who already applied to be on Matt James' season of the bachelor. This is the first time in the franchise history that the lead is a black man. As soon as I found out that Matt would be the bachelor, for the first time ever I actually weighed the pros of cons of going through with this.

So as of today I finished up my audition tape and will send it in the mail tomorrow. YOLO.

Applying to be on The Bachelor is pretty simple. Potential contestants must meet the basic eligibility requirements that include being a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada, be 21 or older and have an eligible passport.

Others are more specific like the applicant must be single, which is defined as “not currently be involved in a committed intimate relationship, which includes: any marital relationship (whether or not the parties are separated or currently in the process of divorcing or annulling such marriage); any co-habitation relationship involving physical intimacy; or a monogamous dating relationship more than two (2) months in duration.”

However, as previous episodes have shown, the latter might be a little more flexible.

According to Elite Daily, once an applicant meets the requirements, they fill out and mail a questionnaire that is roughly six pages long. The next step is to make an at-home casting tape. There are rules and guidelines for filming these on The Bachelor’s website.

There have also been nationwide casting calls, which many people suspect will happen with Matt James this season.

There is also an opportunity for family members or friends to nominate someone else. There is a spot to indicate it on the questionnaire.

According to US Weekly, there are already casting decisions for James’s season in the works. So if you want to apply get your stuff in ASAP. Good luck!


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