If you live in New Jersey and over the next week to 10 days, you hear the sound of fighter jets overhead, there's no need to be alarmed because according to the 177th Fighter Wing NJANG Facebook page and nj.com, the NJ Air National Guard will be conducting night-flying drills from now through Oct. 11.


Most of the people who responded to the post don't seem to mind the noise.  Comments included...

"That’s the beautiful sound of freedom!!!  Thanks for your service and Stay safe up there!!"

"A wonderful sound brought to you by your peace keeping 177th❤️ Thank you for your service."

"24/7 is OK by me, I love the sound of freedom. TY for your service to the State and our Country."

"That sound over my house in Absecon gives me the chills and makes me proud!"

According to their Facebook page, "The United States Air Force's 177th Fighter Wing is an Air National Guard fighter unit located at Atlantic City IAP (AC International Airport)."  The page also notes that the unit was founded in 1917 in Langley Field in Virginia.


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