I have personally never been to a Chipotle, but I do feel like it's something I can get behind. I mean, chicken or beef, on top of rice, with guacamole and other yummy toppings sounds great. Delish reports, that Chipotle is going to be serving cauliflower rice for a limited time. We had heard that Chipotle might do this back in February and now it's confirmed that cauliflower rice is being served at Chipotle. The cauliflower rice is made with some cilantro and lime. The cauliflower rice option is $2 extra, but that's not surprising since it's a healthier option. However, Chipotle is offering a sweet deal if you order through their app and choose delivery, they'll waive the delivery fee of any order of $10 or more.

I am always looking for healthier options where I dine. Ever since I've been on Nutrisystem, I like to go out to eat, but not totally blow my entire day of calorie intake by doing so. I like to look at menus before I go to a restaurant, to check healthier options. Popular chain restaurants like Chipotle offering healthier options like cauliflower rice is definitely a good move. Chipotle is already so popular, I'm sure the cauliflower rice will bring even more people in.

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