So, us dairy-allergy folk are jumping for joy right now.

There is yet another option for milk! I really got down with the Almond and Cashew movement for a while but I might just have to try this out too!

Sesame milk is the latest non-dairy option to hit the scene which provides plant-based nutrition.

According to phillyvoice.comorganic sesame milk is now a thing, "Hope & Sesame has stepped onto the scene as the only purveyor of organic, non dairy and plant-based sesame milk products. Hope & Sesame flavors include chocolate, vanilla, original, unsweetened original and chocolate hazelnut."


Okay ... first of all, YUM!

So, now your wondering where you can buy it right?!

I got you covered.

As of right now you can get it at Deliciousness, a website catering to serve people with dietary restrictions.

And would Amazon really be Amazon if you couldn't get this there too?! Yes, it will available on Amazon in January!



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