A local celebrity was spotted at the Langhorne Philly Pretzel Factory getting some custom goodies. A show that’s filmed in the New Jersey and New York area is Impractical Jokers and we have heard of seeing the cast everywhere throughout the area.

If you’ve never seen the show before, it’s a crew of friends who go around in public and play pranks on total strangers while capturing everything on hidden cameras.

The Langhorne Philly Pretzel Factory just recently posted that Murr from the show was just there picking up some custom pretzels that are really insane looking. I’ve always heard that the Philly Pretzel Factory locations can do custom pretzels, but I’ve never seen any quite like this.

When you think of custom pretzels, cakes, cookies, etc, you think of basic numbers, letters, shapes, etc. Wait until you see what the crew in Langehorne did for Murr.

They actually made Murr, his dog and even a recreation of the last supper it looks like out of pretzels. How do people even find out they have a talent like this? Talk about impressive. Murr and his wife Melyssa picked up their goodies and even took a few pictures with the staff at the Philly Pretzel Factory before leaving.

There are a lot of Impractical Joker sightings around our area because Murr lives in Central Jersey. Super cool to see him out and about in the area and it’s even cooler to see the different types of pretzels the Philly Pretzel Factory can do.

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