Sometimes you think there isn't much to do in your town but maybe we're just a little too lazy to search. Maybe we aren't exploring our neighborhoods and finding the interesting and historic places. Don't worry though, we have your back with a list of very interesting spots to go to in New Jersey.

Northlandz - Femington, NJ

The first spot is "Home of the Great American Railway" created by Bruce Zaccagnino. "If you have a talent to do something, anybody i don't care what you do for a living, you gotta give it to the world," said Zaccagnino. That's exactly what he has been doing as he created a 3 story miniature railroad layout with 30 ft. tall mountains, over 400 bridges and more. Zaccagnino controls around 75 to 90 small trains every day. Definitely a place to experience with the family.

Silverball Museum Arcade - Asbury Park, NJ

From modern pinball to an arcade game that was released in 1960, you can find it all at Silverball MuseumArcade. This can be a place that can take you back to your childhood days full of fun but now you can experience it with your family and friends.

Old Barracks Museum - Trenton, NJ

If you love history, this is the perfect place for you. Old Barracks Museum is where they housed hundreds of soldiers during the French and Indian War. At one point in time this particular building was the biggest building in Trenton. Out of all of New Jersey it was the second largest public building.

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