News 12 New Jersey reports that some cable companies are going to be implementing data caps and if customers go above that allowed data, they could be charged an extra fee. Companies like Comcast will now have their customers pay extra when they go over their data caps unless they pay for an unlimited data plan which is an extra $30 a month. The cap is actually really high, so most people may not have to pay extra fees. With parents, teachers and children using the internet way more often than they did a year ago, the internet cannot be lagging or it can make for an extremely stressful day. Read more about these data caps in this News 12 New Jersey article.

I think this is another case where companies are taking advantage of us during the pandemic. I obviously do not work from home, I am at the radio station every day and my husband is a police officer, so we don't have to worry about the internet connection day in and day out, hour after hour. I do know plenty of people who do rely on it for their jobs and their children's virtual schooling. I do think this will affect a lot of people especially if more internet and cable companies implement these data caps. I don't think companies should do this, a lot of people are hurting for money right now and this is not something that will be appreciated by their customers.

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