If you live in a populated city in New Jersey, visit the Jersey Shore often or just find yourself parking in giant parking lots often, you need to be aware of this hack.

It’s so easy to show up to a large parking lot like the American Dream Mall or if you park on a side street when visiting your favorite shore town during the summer to lose your car completely.

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There are a lot of populated areas where we’re forced to use street parking like if you find yourself getting dinner in downtown Princeton or if you have to park in a parking garage down in Atlantic City when you spend a weekend.

These simple days out make it impossible to find your car after a long day spent running errands or hanging with your friends. There’s a feature on your iPhone that will make sure you’re never the person setting off your car alarm in the Six Flags: Great Adventure parking lot ever again.

I’m sure all iPhone users have seen the feature on your phone where it says ‘Your parked car location has been updated’. Something I had no idea you could do, is actually tell your phone exactly where you parked your car for later.

How To Mark Your Parked Car Location on iPhone

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All you have to do is press the power button on your iPhone and say ‘Siri, I parked my car here’. Siri will then automatically mark your car as a pin on your phone and at the end of your night, all you have to do is press the home button again and say ‘Siri, where did I park my car?’.

You’ll then be given walking directions that will take you right to your parked car. This is a hack you HAVE to use this summer whether you go down the shore and have to walk a mile to the boardwalk or even just use it at your local mall after a well-deserved shopping trip.

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