New Jersey is home to some extremely bizarre laws. There are laws in the books about it being illegal to slurp soup, it’s illegal to eat pickles on a Sunday in Trenton, you can’t buy ice cream past 6 pm in Newark and so many more.

Every state across America has at least a few of these extremely whacky rules in place that they do not enforce, but this one is enforced in New Jersey whether you may have realized it or not.

In New Jersey, one of the most common laws listed on every ‘bizarre New Jersey law’ list is that it is illegal to sell cars on a Sunday.



At first, when I read this, I thought there was just no way that this could be true, but after doing some extremely simple research, there may be some truth to this. Along with 18 other states in the United States, New Jersey does have a law in place that makes it illegal to sell cars on a Sunday.

According to, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are also a part of the list of states that have the same law in place, but why?

The law dates back to something called “Blue Laws” which made it illegal for dealerships to sell cars on Sundays. According to Kneble’s “The term ‘Blue Laws’ was originally used during colonial times in the context of restricting certain business activities on Sundays, or more specifically, during times when people were expected to be attending church services.”

Although the law dates back to colonial times, it’s still in fact in effect in New Jersey to this day!

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