Uh oh! Cardi B's new song is a bop for sure. But is it also a rip off?

Cardi B came back with a new song Friday called “Up”. The song comes six months after her insanely popular song, “WAP” feat. Megan Thee Stallion. “Up” quickly became a fan favorite and by Saturday afternoon it had amassed 13 million views according to Business Insider. However, there are rumors floating around the music industry and social media that she allegedly stole the song from New Jersey rappers Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane.

Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane collaborated on a song called “Stuck” in August of 2020 and the similarities between “Stuck” and “Up” are definitely there not only in the beat but also in the lyrics. According to Business Insider, the phrase “if it’s up, then it’s stuck” is said multiple times in both songs. The two NJ rappers immediately went to Twitter to show the alleged plagiarism by posting side by side videos of the two songs.

All three artists had a very public confrontation on Twitter with Cardi B saying, “I’m the type of person that avoids problems & court days. If I get inspired by a song I wouldn’t mind giving a percentage or couple of thousand but I never Hurd if this man. I’m glad while I was recording this song in August I was playing wit the hook on this live”.

Cardi B also uploaded a video from Aug 7th where she uses the phrase “up then it’s stuck” claiming that she had the idea and recording it back then. However, the NJ rappers said that they previewed their song on YouTube on August 6th and had it recorded even earlier than that. To supposedly put an end to the drama, Business Insider reports that Cardi B tweeted “F--- the drama. RUN THE NUMBERS UP!!!”. As of now, there is no word on whether or not this issue has been resolved between both parties.

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