Did you know that in some places it's illegal to flash your headlights at other cars? Typically, it's done to alert a speeding driver that there's a police officer ahead. But oftentimes it's more than that.

Yes, we all know how annoying the bright LED high beams are, especially when driving at night, Truly, one of the most irritating things is driving on a dark road at night and suddenly the extremely bright lights shine through your window. It seriously makes it impossible to see.

The reaction that I have to these blinding lights honestly feels like second nature to me at this point. When I get hit with blindingly high beams from an oncoming car, I immediately flash my headlights at the car to alert them that their high beams are on and continue to flash them until they stop. Is this illegal? In some states it is.

Luckily, in New Jersey flashing your lights at another driver is not a problem. Our sister station, WOBM-FM asked the Toms River Police Department about this. They confirmed that it is NOT illegal to flash your headlights at another car to alert them (if you're trying to pass).

They also said it is legal to flash your lights to alert another driver about an accident, deer, or something on the road.

Remember how we said it is illegal in some states? Well, one of our other sister stations in Minnesota has worse news to report.

According to Quick Country, if you are caught flashing your headlights at another car in Minnesota you are breaking the law. Instead, it is suggested that you focus on the white line on the shoulder of the road until the light passes. Not sure how helpful that is for keeping your eyes on the road ahead of you!

You’ve got to love Jersey…I certainly don’t think I’ll be moving to Minnesota anytime soon!


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