Could Six Flags Great Adventure be getting a new coaster?

Nothing is for sure yet, but they may have hinted at something new on their Twitter account.

Six Flags Great Adventure has been a huge tourist attraction in New Jersey since the beginning. It opened back in July of 1974 and a lot has changed in the park since then.

Coasters have come and coasters have gone, but the park still has the same magic as it did the day it opened! Hopefully, the park could be getting a new attraction.

The Six Fla gs New Jersey Twitter (or X) account posted this cryptic post and it had a lot of people thinking that something brand new could be coming to the Jackson, New Jersey theme park.

One user on Twitter mentioned they had teased a new family attraction could be making its way to the park, so maybe it will be something like that, although a lot of people think the attraction would be a bit bigger like a coaster.

In the comments, people have been guessing what a new coaster over the entrance could look like as well as posting some memes as well. The people in the comments who are guessing that it could be a coaster that rides over the entrance to the park seem like it could be an awesome addition to Six Flags.

It would for sure make the entrance look epic. Six Flags Great Adventure hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors yet, but I think a new coaster that goes over the entrance would be so awesome!

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