Two of the nations largest theme park companies will become one. It was just revealed that Six Flags and Cedar Fair have agreed to a merger.

Reports from The Hollywood Reporter say it will create an $8 billion park that will be able to "better compete with parks from the likes of Walt Disney Co. and Comcast's NBCUniversal."

The move will create a park giant with 27 theme parks, 15 water parks, 9 hotels and resorts, and more across North America.

The new company will keep the Six Flags name.

Will There Be Changes at Six Flags Great Adventure and Dorney Park?

In our area, Cedar Fair operates Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, Pa. Meanwhile, Six Flags operates Great Adventure, Hurricane Harbor and Wild Safari in Jackson, NJ.

Dorney Park Entrance
Dorney Park Press Photo

The merger is unlikely to have any immediate drastic effects on any theme parks in our area.

Though, upgrades and enhancements will definitely come over time.

“The combination of Six Flags and Cedar Fair will redefine our guests’ amusement park experience as we combine the best of both companies," Selim Bassoul, president and chief executive officer of Six Flags, in a press release.

Six Flags and Cedar Park Merger Is Expected to Benefit Both Companies

Both companies have about an equal value, but the move is expected to help them cut costs during these uncertain economic times.

Additionally, Cedar Park currently owns access to Peanuts imagery for its branding. While Six Flags, meanwhile, has access to Looney Tunes and DC Comics.

The merger will open up intellectual property that both brands have agreements with already.

Getty Images & Dorney Park Press Photo
Getty Images & Dorney Park Press Photo

So you're likely to see Peanuts branding at Six Flags Great Adventure and DC Comics branding at Dorney Park.

"By combining our operational models and technology platforms, we expect to accelerate our transformation activities and unlock new potential for our parks," Bassoul said on Thursday.

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