A man was caught shaving his face recently on a Northeast Corridor NJ Transit train. I have to say it's a nice change of pace to read about some odd news being reported for the trains in Jersey instead more reports of delays and cancellations. You can see the commuter's video below.

I'm thinking this has potential to become a meme as well because, to me, the guy looks blasted out of his mind. He's drunk. He starts rambling on about something that sounds like "Atlantic City" at first, but then it sounds like he keeps saying "Franik City." The magic meme moment happens at the end though.

If you want the perfect meme worthy clip of him saying "ouch-eee" or "ow-she" it's already here.

I regularly take the NE Corridor train into New York City, and I haven't seen anything like this before. Yet I need to mention someone I have come across a few times that has startled me. This person covers their face with a bandana, wears sunglasses, a hood, walks with a steady fast pace, and carries a large bag. It's scary to see this person because it looks as if they are about to commit a crime and hiding their identity for that reason. Let me stress again, I have seen this person riding the trains MULTIPLE TIMES. If you see this person report them to a train conductor.

Get more on the shaving story at NorthJersey.com

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