An unidentified New Jersey Transit passenger recently caused an uproar when she refused move her bag from an open seat next to her.

The crowded train was headed to Trenton on the Northeast Corridor line, according to The woman repeatedly did want to move her bag and make the seat next to her available to other commuters who were standing on the train. To make matters worse this incident caused the train to have a 25 delay.

Another passenger, Thaedra Frangos, filmed the incident and you can watch it in the video below. The anonymous passenger bluntly told one commuter that they did not need the seat because they were not disabled or pregnant. She didn't stop there either as to why she didn't want other "disgusting" commuters to be so close to her. She also did not want their bed bugs or their "smell" near her. The unnamed commuter also told other passengers to "shut the f... up" and "f... off b...." Later in the video, a NJT train official approaches the unruly passenger. Still not willing to cooperate, she tries to shoo them away by saying "don’t put your hands on my stuff!”

NJ Transit spokeswoman, Lisa Torbic, said that New Jersey Transit Police got involved when the train arrived at Newark Penn Station and they asked the woman to exit the train and talk about the situation. Yet, she still did not cooperate with them and left.

Commuters over the last couple of years have been very frustrated with NJT with the overcrowding, delays and canceled trains. Yet this incident brings commuter frustration to another level. You can watch the full video below and read the full story here.


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