Is chivalry dead? Do nice guys actually always finish last?

After this morning’s Blind Date Update on Chris & The Crew, we’re wondering if chivalry is dead AND if nice guys always finish last.

As you’ll recall, we met Reed & Courtney on Friday morning. Reed is a super nice guy. In fact, he said that he’s so nice he usually gets put into the “friend zone” immediately when he meets girls.

So, Chris had the perfect match for Reed. Courtney was looking for a mature guy who had his act together. She told us that she wanted a “fairy tale,” so we hoped that Reed would sweep her off her feet. Listen here to Friday’s show:

Well, maybe Reed was just a little too much too soon for Courtney.

When we got him on the phone on Monday, he said Courtney was “beautiful, smart, and they had a lot of common interests.” He even told Chris & the Crew that he thought there were a few sparks.

Sounds perfect, right?

Well, he did mention that Courtney was getting sick during their date, so he was worried about her.

Adam pointed out that was a little concerning, but we got Courtney on the phone to get the full story.

“He’s a nice guy, but I… don’t know,” Courtney told us.

She explained that Reed did come on a little too strong. “He fell all over me… literally,” she explained. So that was why she lied and said she had a bit of a cold to keep him away. Well, that backfired when Reed showed up with soup for her on Sunday… at her house.

Creepy? Some of our listeners thought it was cute and sweet that he was that concerned, but ultimately… it doesn’t like there is a second date in the works.

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