While in high school we really don't think ahead and try to focus on our future. Since it seems like a lot of high school students tend to avoid this topic, do they begin to fear reality once graduation starts approaching?

We had a chance to sit down with Dan Daloisio, a high school senior at Nottingham High, to ask him what his plans are for after he graduates. He responded to our question by saying, “Never really thought about after high school."  Since most of them will be going on to college won’t that make them a little more independent? Your teen maybe knows how to cook something quick and do a little laundry, but is he/she feeling confident enough to be away from parents? "I’ve never been left home alone", confessed Daloisio.

Sit with your teen and make them aware that being independent is a learning process, make sure they have what it takes. They may be a little anxious and worried wondering if they can pull through.

"I’ve sort of always did what my brothers did and acted how they did and I didn’t even realize that I was doing it and that has made me confused with my career path" said Daloisio. Motivational speaker, Gray Vee said, let your kids take a couple of L's don't force them to know their career path at the age of 18. You can either follow what Gary Vee said or help them find their way. Daloisio also mentioned that all he knows as a career path is military because that is his families background. Are your teens following your foot steps or creating their own?

It is the beginning of the school perfect to start a good talk with your teen.

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