Getter's Island is a six acre island in the Delaware River located in Easton, Pennsylvania.  The island is currently for sale after being owned by the Heilman family for decades, but its frightening history might be offsetting for those interested in purchasing the island.

Over 200 years ago, thousands of people gathered from nearing areas to see Charles Getter get hung on the island for the murder of his wife, Rebecca Lawall, in 1833. Some believe that the island is still haunted with their spirits. Lee Heilman, who grew up on the island recalls a, "certain chill that went through your body when you sat on the island." He adds, "It's actually one of those tall trees right in the back," (where Getter was hung.)

William Penn sold the island to a businessman the same year the U.S constitution was signed. The island is currently on the market for $150,000. The Heilman family hopes the island will be persevered as a valuable piece of history. If you're in the market for a haunted island, check out the listing.





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