January 15? Nah, more like May 15.

Philadelphia and the surrounding areas COULD hit 70 degrees by late next week, according to some forecasts. So if you were hoping for a real winter's chill this January, keep dreaming because it's about to get toasty around here.

Forecasters say a developing a ridge of high pressure is likely to bring near-record warmth for the middle of the month of January. This means that we'll see above-normal temperatures for quite a while.

In fact, some computer models (such as the GFS) are showing that temperatures could push as high as 70 degrees by next Saturday (January 18) in our area.

Of course, that's a long way off right now, but almost all forecasters agree... it's going to be pretty warm for a while around here.

In fact, in their 8-14 day forecast, The National Weather Services says that there's at least a 70 percent chance that we'll see "above-normal temperatures" between January 11 and January 17.

As for when it'll snow again, 6ABC's Adam Joseph says we're "going to have to wait till the end of the month for any CHANCE of a snowstorm."

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