With how old some houses are in New Jersey, it's only right to think that there are ghosts in some of the houses here. Really, if you are afraid of ghosts as much as we are, we are sure you would want to know the background of the house you are trying to purchase.

Check this out. Some states in the US don't force home sellers to make the buyer aware that the house that they are interested in has ghosts. According to The Charlotte Observer, the state of New Jersey is not one of those states. As a matter of fact, in New Jersey, you are allowed to ask whatever you’d like to figure out if that house is haunted.

CharlotteObserver.com mentioned that in the Garden State a seller legally has to answer any questions regarding ghosts “truthfully” because it has to do with paranormal activity.

With that being said if you are hunting for a new house make sure you ask if there are any ghosts. You don't want to have lights flickering while you are Netflix and chilling.

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