Entrepreneurs who are from New Jersey are making a big pitch tonight on the very popular ABC-TV program Shark Tank. Do you love watching the show Shark Tank? Every week inventors and/or entrepreneurs bring their best ideas to the show for their investors to decide whether or not they want to get involved and bring ideas and money to the table. Are you a big fan of the show? It's fun to watch and see for yourself what new ideas you like or in some cases don't like.


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The Hosts of Shark Tank, Kevin O'Leary, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, and, Kevin Harrington will sometimes love an idea and get behind it, while others are panned. By the way, my personal favorite is "Mr. Wonderful" Kevin O'Leary.


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So Tonight (1/19/24) while it's snowing, tune in to see New Jersey siblings making their pitch to the sharks at 8 pm on ABC-TV and streaming on Hulu. According to a recent article in NJ Monthly Jersey entrepreneurs siblings Steve Atieh, Kevin Atieh, and Allison Lin will make their pitch tonight on Shark Tank for their new "snack" that's called "Like Air". The Family from Somerset County in Basking Ridge will pitch their "popcorn alternative" to see if the sharks have an interest in investing.


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According to the NJ Monthly article, "Like Air, on the other hand, “kind of melts in your mouth like air,” Lin says—differentiating it from other puffed corn snacks on the market, such as the crunchier Pirate’s Booty. Snackers ranging from ages six months to 106 years old, as Lin likes to say, can eat it without the worries or restrictions of popcorn. Other puffed corns on the market also use unhealthy ingredients like MSG and other artificial flavors, ingredients and preservatives—whereas Like Air uses natural ingredients and is safe for those with dietary restrictions."


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Air Snacks are now based in Morris County in Madison. Follow them on Facebook and see for yourself if these Jersey folks have a winner on their hands.


Like Air Snacks via Facebook


According to Like Air Snacks Facebook "We’re so excited for our fans to see what happens when we bring America’s new favorite salty snack into the shark tank! Make sure to tag us on social media if you watch!"


Good luck to the Jersey entrepreneurs. "The siblings will appear on Shark Tank this Friday night, January 19, at 8 pm on ABC. Viewers with live TV subscriptions can also stream the episode on Hulu."


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