Many of us strive for positive changes as the new year begins. For some, that comes in the shape of a diet, a gym membership, cutting out a vice, or even being kinder to others. However, there is something else you might want to add to the list -  the New Year’s cleanse! Chinese tradition and mythology believe that cleaning a home allows bad luck and negative energy to be removed from the space.   While it may be daunting, cleaning can be an excellent stress reliever.  It can be therapeutic to live in a pleasant, organized environment. There are many more benefits of deep cleaning your home.   Here are the top reasons to do a cleanse in the new year.

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  • 1

    Better Sleep

    Cleaning can help reduce stress, which can impact sleep quality. Washing and changing your sheets once a week can also help.

  • 2

    Improved Air Quality

    Cleaning can help remove dust particles and allergens from the air. Deep cleaning eliminates dust, allergens, and bacteria.

  • 3

    Sense of Accomplishment

    Cleaning can give people a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when they see the results of their efforts. It provides immediate gratification.

  • 4

    Reduced Stress

    Cleaning can help reduce stress and anxiety. Living in an organized and clean home provides a sense of calm and relaxation.

  • 5

    Pest Control

    Cleaning can help keep your home free of insects and rodents.

  • 6

    Reduced Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

    Cleaning can help reduce allergy or asthma flares by controlling triggers such as animal dander, cockroaches, dust mites, mold/mildew, and pollen.