She's one of the most beloved faces in Philadelphia TV (and we're DEFINITELY a city that REALLY LOVES our local TV celebrities).

But she's been missing from our screens since last fall. We just found out that she'll make a return to television screens across the Delaware Valley REALLY soon!

Of course, we're talking about Jamie Apody. And, yes, Jamie Apody is expected to appear on FOX 29 tonight.

We've got everything we know about the appearance down below. But first, let's go back in time...

BACKSTORY - Jamie Apody Suddenly Departs Philadelphia's 6 ABC

The veteran sports reporter last appeared on Philadelphia's WPVI-TV (6 ABC) last fall. Her absence, however, felt very sudden to longtime viewers.  It was clouded in a lot of confusion. And Jamie's departure was only confirmed a few weeks ago. 

If you doubted that Jamie is beloved, trust us... she is. The coverage of Jamie's sudden departure, by the way, marked some of the most-read stories at EVER.

Now she's going to be back on TV screens across Philly... tonight!

NEW TODAY - Jamie Apody To Appear on 'The Phantastic Sports Show' on FOX 29

Jamie JUST announced on social media that she'll appear on FOX29 tonight (May 21). Jamie will appear on 'The Phantastic Sports Show,' which airs at 11:30 p.m. on weeknights at the station.

Is Jamie Apody Permanently At Fox 29 Philly?

That part is unclear. We've reached out to the TV station to clarify the announcement that she'll be on the airwaves tonight.  We have not heard back as of Tuesday afternoon.

Apody will appear in the "guest chair," Mike Jerrick announced during the station's morning broadcast:

The show is typically hosted by the station's sports anchor, Breland Moore and the station's evening news anchor, Jason Martinez.

Of course, this could be a trial run or something more permanent, so we'll see!

In the meantime, welcome back to TV screens, Jamie!

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