UPDATE April 26, 2024: We've finally confirmed that Jamie Apody has departed the station. She shared her first statement confirming the news this afternoon. You can click here to view that.


It's been a mystery that's been plaguing Philadelphians for nearly a month. But we THINK we're starting to get some more answers about it. Having said that, we still have A LOT of questions too.

Philadelphians are wondering what happened to one of the city's most famous television faces.

Why Is Jamie Apody Missing From 6 ABC Philadelphia (WPVI-TV)?

Longtime 6 ABC veteran sports anchor Jamie Apody hasn't been seen on the station since the end of the Phillies season in October.

6 ABC via YouTube
6 ABC via YouTube

Fans are wondering: what happened and will she ever be returning to TV screens? Or they're wondering if the station and Apody had parted ways.

Jamie Apody, who joined the station in 2006, has been a fixture in Philly's most-watched TV station's sports coverage.

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She's been there for the Phillies 2008 title, the Eagles 2018 title, and in recent years the playoff heartbreaks from both the Phillies and the Eagles.

6 ABC via YouTube
6 ABC via YouTube

Apody was last seen on TV in late October. Her final story published on the station's website was published on October 25, that's the day after the Phillies lost the NLCS.

Jamie Apody Went Missing from 6 ABC Broadcasts in Early November

Longtime 6 ABC viewers, of course, noticed that Jamie was missing from the station's newscasts and started asking questions on social media about it. Did she leave the station? It's unclear.

KEEP SCROLLING to see our first hint about where Apody may be (and if she has a future at the station) at the bottom of this article.

CrossingBroad.com was the first outlet to raise questions about Apdoy's whereabouts too.

Jamie hasn't publicly commented on the matter.


Her biography is still published on the 6 ABC website. And she's still posting on social media (showing photos of sports things, family things, and more on Instagram).

Her bio on the social platform X (formerly known as Twitter) says she's a 6 ABC Sports Anchor/Reporter too.

Jamie Apody Appears to Be on A Leave of Absence, But It's Unclear IF/When She'll Return to 6 ABC

Perhaps our biggest hint about Jamie's future came from a subsequent report from some great reporting via CrossingBroad.com late last week.

They say that an out-of-office (automated) email message to Jamie's 6 ABC email address said in part,

"I am currently taking a leave of absence from my 6abc sports casting duties and will not be responding to emails related to my work at 6abc."

It's an email address that is not publicly listed.

94.5 PST and Townsquare Media have reached out to 6 ABC's spokesperson as well for an update. We'll add any responses we get from the station here.

But IS it enough to assume she hasn't left the station and instead has taken a leave during the Eagles season?

Unfortunately, if you're a fan (and there are many Jamie fans)... you may be in for bad news.

Fans may recall that something similar happened to another longtime sports reporter on the station when Jeff Skversky exited the station. For weeks fans wondered where he was (he was also posting on his social media accounts at the time) in 2022.

He wound up moving to the CBSTV  station in Detroit, where he is working as the lead anchor for the station's 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. broadcasts.

We'll see if we know more soon about Jamie's role at 6 ABC. 

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