Philadelphia is a special town for many reasons, as we all know. Philly's love for local TV news networks and their personalities is certainly one of those things.

You can kind of tell a lot about someone in the Philadelphia metro area based on what channel they watch.

Are they 6 ABC viewers? A fan of CBS 3? Or maybe it's NBC 10 or even Fox 29?

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For years, though, Philadelphia has been a "6 ABC town." They've consistently had the top spot in the ratings battle for their local programming.

Their theme song is so iconic that almost ANY Philadelphian can sing and hum the music. In fact, when I saw Aunt Mary Pat's Farewell Tour at River Casino, I wasn't surprised that the DelCo icon used the Action News Theme Song to enter the stage.

But is Philadelphia REALLY a Channel 6 town? It seems like more and more when I talk to friends and family that they're watching one of the other networks.

Though, the ratings still suggest that 6 ABC is a powerhouse.

But did it change when Jim Gardner retired?

Which, by the way, Philadelphia responded in the "most Philly way" by tailgating outside of the WPVI-TV parking lot to celebrate Jim's last newscast.

For the time being, however, I guess 6 ABC is the biggest network in town.

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