In just over two weeks, it's officially the end of an era in Philadelphia and South Jersey, and now we know all the details.

6 ABC (WPVI-TV) just announced massive changes to its daily 6 pm news broadcast.

It was just announced that veteran anchor and Philadelphia icon, Jim Gardner's final broadcast on 6 ABC has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 21.

Jim Gardner, who has worked at the station since 1977 announced his retirement plans in late 2021. He stepped away from the station's 11 pm broadcasts earlier this year and was replaced by Rick Williams.

Gardner, however, has stayed on as the anchor of 6 ABC's Action News 6 pm broadcast for much of 2022, as he began to scale back his work at the station.

On Tuesday, the station confirmed that Gardner's final 6 pm broadcast had been scheduled for Wednesday, December 21. They also announced his replacement.

attachment-Brian Taff

Brian Taff will be the next anchor of the 6 pm newscast. Taff has been with the station for 13 years. He currently co-anchors the 12 noon and 4 p.m. broadcasts on the station. In the transition, he will move out of the 12-noon show but remain as a co-anchor in the 4 pm show.

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Both Taff and station officials share their excitement in today's news.

"I am reminded daily of the extraordinary, unique and beautiful relationship we share with the viewers we serve. All those things make me humbled beyond words to take on this profound responsibility," Brian Taff said.

Of course, it marks a monumental shift in the Philadelphia TV landscape on the TV station that has consistently outranked its competitors in the TV ratings landscape.

"I'm excited that Brian Taff will be the next anchor of Action News at 6 p.m. following Jim Gardner's historic run," 6ABC/WPVI-TV Philadelphia President and General Manager Bernie Prazenica said in a statement on Tuesday.

I suspect lots of us will be watching the show on December 21 to say goodbye to Philly icon, Jim Gardner.

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