Jamie Spears has officially been suspended from Britney's conservatorship.
The ruling was just made by Judge Brenda Penny in a Los Angeles courthouse —where Spears' attended virtually.

Britney has been under conservatorship since 2008. The judge appointed John Zabel, a CPA, as temporary conservator of the estate until December 31st.

There was a ton of explosive testimony in today's hearing.

Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, petitioned the court to terminate the conservatorship and settlement.

Britney and her legal team — led by attorney Matthew Rosengart — are requesting that Jamie be removed from the conservatorship. Instead, they have petitioned the court to replace Jamie with a new conservator — John Zabel — immediately.

They requested another hearing to be scheduled for 30-45 days from now as they'd dig more into the finances of Ms. Spears. Rosengart alleged that Jamie Spears was trying to avoid an investigation of the abuse that Britney has suffered from.

Rosengart said in the courtroom that Jamie only wants "delay and money." In fact, Rosengart argued that Jamie would use the settlement process to further delay the termination of the conservatorship.

He even alleged that Britney's father had been spying on her in her home via surveillance footage. An allegation that Jamie's legal team immediately denied.

"Jamie Spears cannot be in (Britney)'s life for one more day," Rosengart argued several times throughout the case. He said in part that Britney is scared of him.

Meanwhile, supporters of the 39-year-old pop star gathered outside of the courthouse once again to rally in favor of the musician all day on Wednesday:

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