It was a viral moment in history too good not to capitalize on.

Ah, Jason Kelce! As if he weren't already beloved not just in Philly, but all over the country, he certainly is now after this legendary moment at the Chiefs-Bills playoffs game!

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Sporting Kansas City Chiefs gear in support of his brother Travis Kelce in Buffalo last month, Jason captivated millions (even momentarily outshining Taylor Swift) when he roared in celebration of a touchdown. He was shirtless. He had a beer in hand. It was beautiful.

Is it really any wonder why we love him so much? Look at him go!

And now this moment in history can live on your desk or bedroom shelf!

Yep, Funko made a shirtless Jason Kelce POP! figurine! Complete with a red hat, fuzzy chest, grey sweatpants, Timbaland boots, and a beer can in his right hand!

Shirtless Jason Kelce Funk Pop
Credit: Funko

Jason teamed up with Funko Pop

Jason revealed on a recent episode of his popular "New Heights" podcast that he teamed up with the company to make the figurine for a charitable cause.

If you want to hear them discuss this fun collaboration, skip the video to 12:47. (Although it is fun seeing them to react to all the 'Shirtless Jason' memes in the minutes before.)

The Funko Pop! figure is retailing for $25 on the Funko Pop website. Pre-sale runs through Monday, February 5, and they will ship in mid-July.

Think you'll be ordering one for yourself? One look at the adorably mighty face and you'll be able to conquer the world!

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