Two law enforcement officers were reportedly shot during the city of Philadelphia’s Fourth of July celebration in the area of the Ben Franklin Parkway.

The incident caused chaos for tens of thousands of civilians attending the city's Fourth of July celebration who fled on foot from the scene just before 10 pm tonight.

The area was insanely packed at the time of the shooting, of course. The first shots were reported around 9:47 pm (just moments before the fireworks started). This came less than 10 minutes after the concert starring Jason Derulo had wrapped up.

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The sound of gunfire sent thousands running to safety. The firework sounds likely only added to the chaos of the scene. There were horrifying moments as police officers told civilians to duck and cover for safety.

Here's some of that terrifying footage:

Fox29 and NBC10’s sources are reporting that the two officers who were shot are in stable condition. They both say that both officers were taken to Jefferson Hospital in stable condition.

They say that one officer from the Philadelphia Highway Patrol suffered a graze wound to the head, and one officer from the Montgomery County Bomb Unit was shot in the shoulder.

No civilian injuries have been reported at this time, as of 10:40 pm.

Police are engaging in an active search at this time for the suspect. The search is primarily centered around Park Towne Place on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. NBC10 reports that the fire alarm is going off in the West Tower of that building. It is not clear if police have identified a suspect at this point.

“People were running for their lives in what should have been a very happy moment for our city,” NBC 10’s Rosemary Connors said who was on scene during the incident.

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