On November 9th 2020, the world lost the longtime beloved host of Jeopardy Alex Trebek. As if 2020 didn't suck enough, Alex Trebek dies of a long battle with cancer. Alex Trebek was idolized and loved for decades of the host of Jeopardy and many admired him for being so open about his cancer struggle and still hosting Jeopardy while he was undergoing treatments. This proved that he truly loved what he did, right until the very end.

After his death, there were still episodes airing with him in it, but producers all knew the time would come that those would run out. Since his last episode Ken Jennings has been filling in for him and after his run was over, Producers of the show were trying to line up a few more guest hosts. We even heard Aaron Rodgers was going to host the show which is awesome since I think he is such a hottie. The most recent host of Jeopardy in the last couple of days is Executive Producer Mike Richards, and this guy has the internet buzzing. Since Mike Richards has stepped into the temporary hosting position, viewers have their opinions about him, and some are actually drooling over him.


Jeopardy fans don't just want him to stay as the permanent host because he's a hottie, they actually genuinely like him as a host.

So being that he is the Executive Producer of Jeopardy, he sees these ratings and I'm sure he's also seeing the positive feedback, so will be be the new permanent host of Jeopardy? Only time will tell, but I have to say, I've enjoyed looking at him too.


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