Karli K the foodie here! Ok, so you all know that I take food very seriously, but especially the sweets! I don't know when I became this person because I used to not even care for dessert that much. As I've gotten older I’ve expanded my palette and truly appreciate sugar. 

I started to ask myself if I was crazy for being this way, but then it clicked! There's No way people don’t like something sweet, especially around the holidays! I feel like the holidays are the time where you are supposed to pig out on everything bad right? Yes, I am right. Well guess what I found? I found a map of the entire country’s favorite treats around Christmas time, and you will never believe how opposite Jersey and Pennsylvania came out to be. 

Initially looking at the map I assumed it was going to be a very general result. I thought it would say something like ,"the entire east coast likes cookies, while the west coast likes brownies.” I was wrong. 

Let’s start with Jersey. Take a guess! Let’s just say that this is a very rich treat, and if you don’t like it something is wrong with you. Jersey’s favorite Christmas treat is none other than chocolate! I was for certain it would be something like a cannoli, but I’m not mad at chocolate!

This is where it gets wonky. Pennsylvania’s favorite Christmas treat is….gingerbread cheesecake? I literally read that answer as a question. I'm still a little confused because I have never ever had gingerbread cheesecake. But hey, it's the holidays! There’s a first time for everything!



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