Maybe it's because of MTV's The Jersey Shore.

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Or maybe it's because "Tan Mom" was from New Jersey.

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Whatever the reason, New Jersey is known for tanning. It doesn't matter whether it's a real tan or a fake tan, people around the country think all of us in New Jersey like to tan. But what about sunburns? studied Google trends to see which states had searched "sunburn" the most.

Hawaii topped's list of the most sunburned states, followed by South Carolina, Florida, Maine, and West Virginia.

Meanwhile, according to, the least sunburned states are Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and New Mexico.

So where does New Jersey place on's list? Not quite right in the middle, but close. NJ is tied with Kansas, Massachusetts, and Tennessee at #30. (And if you were curious, Pennsylvania is tied for 20th with Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.)

You can check out more about's study here.

Be careful!

Skincancer,org says that sunburns are "a leading cause in the majority of cases of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma." And just 5 sunburns doubles your risk of developing melanoma, which is the "deadliest form of skin cancer."

To find out the best ways to prevent getting a sunburn, click here. And if you do get a sunburn, click here to find out ways to treat it and to relieve the pain.

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