Joel Embiid took to Instagram and showed the world how he makes a Shirley Temple.

If your a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers you already know, Joel Embiid loves his Shirley Temples.

I mean, when trademarking his famous phrase 'The Process' for apparel, children's books and rubber bracelets a few months ago he also made sure to trademark non-alcoholic pre-mixed bottled Shirley Temple drinks too.

Any who ... the NBA star teamed up with Mountain Dew Ice for his first (and probably only) episode of "The Joel Embiid Shirley Temple Making Show."

I'll say, "The Joel Embiid Shirley Temple Making Show" is very entertaining and not only that, now I'm craving a freshly made Shirley Temple.

The recipe is actually very simple and I'm not going to lie ... I'm most likely going to make this when I get home.

All you need to do is ...

Pour Grenadine over ice, add Mountain Dew Ice and top it with Maraschino Cherries.


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