Whoa. We have another star sighting in New Jersey.

John Legend was spotted at a grocery store up in Linden on Saturday night (July 20th). He was spotted buying gummy bears (of all things), according to a report from NJ.com.

Yup, to everyone's surprise there he was at the Shop Rite off Route 1 in Linden (Union County) picking up some Haribo gummy bears:

He was later spotted in the Target store in the same shopping center.

Although in some of the pictures, he's not actually holding the gummy bears, someone else is. So maybe John was looking for something else.

Legend had some spare time because he was supposed to perform at OZY Fest in Central Park, but because of the awful heatwave over the weekend, the show was canceled.

Where was his wife, Chrissy Teigen? I'm guessing she was with the kids somewhere else, but I bet everyone in the ShopRite wished that she was there too. Although, a picture on her Instagram showed that she was in New York City on Saturday. So I'm thinking she wasn't too far away.

Come back soon, John & Chrissy. Just come a little farther south (to Mercer County) next time!

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