Will more of these “smart shopping carts” make their way into more ShopRite locations in New Jersey?

There is a brand new line of smart shopping carts that will make your grocery shopping trip a breeze and hopefully, we’ll see them in more locations throughout the state. If you haven’t heard, one New Jersey location has adapted this brand-new technology to make your grocery shopping easier than ever.

There are scanners on the inside of the cart so as you toss your items inside of the cart, it will scan them for you. These new carts are powered by AI technology and will scan your items for you.

Plus, you can press the checkout button attached to the cart and check out all of your groceries by presenting a cashier with a single barcode instead of taking each item out of your cart.

Google Earth
Google Earth

Isn’t it really nice that you’ll have a digital screen keeping track of each item for you instead of having to keep a paper list with you?

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of AI in general. I truly believe that we may be getting a bit carried away by putting AI on everything and it is a little alarming. However, this brand-new technology may make shopping trips easier and more efficient for shoppers.

As of now, there is no information on if more ShopRite locations will inherit this technology. If you want to give these futuristic carts a try, you can find them at different locations in Spotswood, Byram, and Sparta.

According to NorthJersey.com, plans are in the works to introduce them to Mullica Hill, Hoboken, and Old Bridge ShopRites as well.

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