Stargazing is prominent in June for these planets in Princeton.

Jupiter, Mars and Mercury really are sites to see in mid-June.

Especially Jupiter.

Jupiter, which is the largest of the planets is the easiest to view with it being bold, bright and big in the sky this month.

What's really cool is that you can see it with a naked eye all night long beginning at dusk.

If you missed it yesterday night (June 10th), Jupiter was at it's best according to, last night is "when it reaches its annual opposition with the Earth and the sun. That means all are aligned in a straight line, with Earth in the middle."

Other dates you might want to set aside are June 17th and 18th where you can get a clear view of Mars and Mercury right after sunset.

Layout your blanket and don't forget your binoculars because your in for a treat this month.

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