Fans were devastated when Justin Timberlake  had to postpone six of his scheduled tour stops because of bruised vocal cords. We were especially upset because one of the December dates he postponed was the one he was performing at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. Last week he shared an Instagram post and told us to stay tuned for the rescheduled dates, but we didn't know when he'd announce. Well, that day was late yesterday!
As of now, according to Billboard, Justin plans to start touring again on January 4th in Washington D.C. ad finish up his regular scheduled shows on January 26th. Then he will start the rescheduled shows on January 28th. He will be stopping at Madison Square Garden in New York City for a show on January 31st. You'd think that because he was in New York on Jnaury 31st, he'd just hop on the Turnpike and head to Philly the next day, right? Well, he's not. He'll be heading across the country and even to Canada after that concert. He won't be coming to the Wells Fargo Center until April 9th. But hey, we've gotta look on the bright side, at least he rescheduled and didn't cancel all together.

Click here for the rest of his rescheduled tour stops & dates.


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