Did you think Kanye West’s presidential run was over? Well, West is ready to roll and apparently he’s already filled out the important paperwork to be on the New Jersey ballot this November, according to a report from TMZ.

West (and his team) have begun to hand out petitions, which call on residents to support his presidential campaign, TMZ says. He has over 1,000 signatures on these petitions, the site says.

In New Jersey, independent candidates (like Kanye) only need 800 signatures from valid voters to appear on the presidential ballot, according to BallotPedia.org.

West obviously is currently way over that mark.

However, he’s not quite all the way there yet. He still may not appear on the ballot because there’s something called an "objection period," which allows for the disapproval of invalid signatures.  If there are no objections, then Kanye West will likely be appearing on our ballot this November.

Meanwhile, West, who is undergoing a similar process in his home state of Illinois, is facing a lot of objections, TMZ reported last week. They say that one of the objectors found less than 1,000 out of 3,200 signatures to be valid.

In New Jersey, if there are more than 500 invalid signatures then West will no longer have a chance of being on our ballot.

There will be a hearing in Illinois next week to talk about the validity of these signatures, TMZ says.

Clearly Ye is not giving up and is very serious about his campaign. He’s given his paperwork to Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma. With his own struggles though, do you feel Kanye West is suitable enough to be on the ballot and run for President?

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