Ok it’s time I actually talk about this. There I was, fast sleeping in my bed when my mom interrupts my beauty sleep. That's the first problem. Don’t wake me up. Nonetheless, she woke me up to tell me that there is a huge package outside waiting for me. My first thought was that she was kidding and just trying to get me to get up. Keep in mind this was on Black Friday and I was resting from all of my shopping I did. Then I thought "oh somebody must be here to surprise me."

I went downstairs only to find that there was indeed a huge box outside of my door. I’m talking at least 6 feet tall! I immediately got scared. Why? I had no idea what I ordered. It took me a second, but then I came to come to conclusion that I didn't buy anything. 

It was a Christmas tree! It wasn’t a fake tree either. No, this was a real tree. The tree itself is not that big. It’s about 5 feet tall, but that’s besides the point! Who sent this?  I still can’t believe it to be honest. So what did I do next? I called everyone! My grandma, my dad, my cousins, aunts, uncles, friends. 

No one, at least that I know of, has sent me this tree.

I am flattered by the gesture, but I’m lowkey concerned about who has my address! However, whoever sent this to me pays close attention to detail! I have always said that I want a Christmas tree in every room of the house. 

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to whoever sent it! You are a gem! 



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