Katy Perry is all about giving back.

On June 18, the "Firework" singer left a “generous” tip for her server at a busy cafe, despite being asked to wait for a table.

Server Indianna Paull, who works at a Port Douglas, Australia, cafe sat down with Australian morning show Sunrise to talk about the encounter.

She recounted what Perry wore to the cafe — sunglasses and a hat — before noting Perry was asked to wait for a table at the bustling restaurant.

Paull explained that she had no clue who the American Idol judge was at the beginning of their encounter and believed it made the singer not mind waiting for a table.

"In hindsight, I think the reason she wanted to get in so bad is because people were running around taking photos of her," Paull shared.

Paull told the show she was shocked when she later found out the woman she had been waiting on was the "When I'm Gone" singer.

Waiting for a table appeared to not affect Perry in the least. In fact, she left a a “generous” tip for Paull and thanked her for treating her “normally.”

Paull also shared her story in a since-deleted TikTok captioned, "POV: Katy Perry comes into your café and you don’t recognize her and argue over a table. Then she tips and hugs you for treating her like an everyday person."

Perry has not commented on the matter as of reporting.

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