I. am. so. excited! Have you heard the news? I am going to be hosting a monthly trivia at Blend Bar & Bistro in Hamilton, NJ. 

We'll do it monthly! And we're playing THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT, June 29. We'll start playing trivia around 7 pm, so come see me!

Check out their website — blendbar.com — to make a reservation for you and your friends right now. You can play alone or on a team with your friends! 

And I have to tell you that trivia nights with me... aren't your usual bar trivia night. I know what you're thinking. You've been out to your neighborhood bar trivia night before, right? There's some guy on a microphone asking questions about former U.S. Presidents. As drunk guests scribble down answers on their tiny paper pads.

Let me tell you... that is NOT what trivia night is like with me. I HATE boring bar trivia.

I've been hosting trivia at bars across Philadelphia for YEARS. I had so much fun doing it that I was hosting it online during the pandemic. So you've probably heard me talk about how much I LOVE hosting trivia on the air with Chris & the Crew. That's why I was excited to host this event.

The more the merrier, by the way. So whether you wanna play alone or with your friends, I'd love to see you! Of course, we'll have a TON of PST prizes for you to win, by the way.

So what makes trivia night with me different?

attachment-Trivia Image

I won't be asking you boring questions about things that you didn't pay attention to in middle school. We're out at a bar! So it'll be a chance to show off to your friends what you know about the latest TikTok trends or the Kardashians. Yeah, my trivia games are super pop culture-focused, so EVERYONE has a chance to be an expert.

Speaking of which, I can't give too much away just yet about what's planned for later this summer and fall. But stay tuned: we may have some exciting themed games of trivia coming up (you know... like an ENTIRE night dedicated to questions about your favorite sitcom or movie series).

The Music Makes it More Fun

I can't give too much away, but I've got a VERY interactive music round planned too.

The Trivia App Makes It Easier

Composite via Canva
Composite via Canva

This isn't high school. We don't have to write our answers down. So I use a fun app that will make a trivia game even more fun for you (and your friends) at your table or bar stool. By the way, you don't need to install ANYTHING on your phone.

I can't wait to see you at trivia night this Thursday! Blend Bar & Bistro is right next to Brother's Pizza on Route 33 in Hamilton, NJ.

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