The Kingston Fire Department suffered a tragic loss over the weekend when one of their firefighters died while participating in a training session. Dennis Shennard belonged to  Kingston Fire Company #1 and had been an active member for 52 years.

Dennis Shennard wasn't just an active member of the Fire Department, but also a line officer, executive officer, and was currently serving as a Trustee according to the Kingston Volunteer Fire Department #1's Facebook page. He leaves behind his wife and child, family and friends. reports, Dennis Shennard was at the Middlesex County Fire Academy and while they were doing developing a live burn and Dennis went into cardiac arrest. He was transported to a nearby hospital and unfortunately pronounced dead shortly after he arrived there.

My Dad was the Fire Chief of our volunteer fire department for many years. My brother is currently the Lieutenant of his fire company, so the first responder life is apart of me and will be apart of me for a very long time because my husband is a police officer.

It's hard being a police officer's wife, especially in a time where police officers are not as respected as they used to be. It can be very scary to watch the news and hear about another police officer being shot and killed. Things like that make me hug my husband super tight before he leaves for work.

Also, as the daughter and sister of firefighters, I can tell you, it's not easy to watch the ones you love run into burning buildings. I have also seen my dad and brother do the training courses and they are scary to watch as well, even though they are controlled fires.

I will pray for the family, friends and fellow firefighters of Dennis Shennard. May his soul rest in peace and those who knew him find peace as well.

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