The Late Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant’s childhood home in Pennsylvania just sold! This is the very home where Bryant spent hours perfecting his skills throughout his teenage years. The Bryant family originally parted ways with the home back in 2008 and in September of this year it went up for sale again. According to TMZ, the house is a five bedroom, 3 and a half bath house that has now sold for 810 thousand dollars.

The Pennsylvania home first entered the market at 899 thousand dollars, but reportedly sold on November 6 at the $810 thousand. As TMZ pointed out, the house selling at $810K is kind of symbolic, as the number 81 is tied to the basketball star. Bryant scored his iconic 81 points against the Toronto Raptors in January of 2006.

Aside from the house being the one that Kobe lived and breathed in during his childhood, it also has the very hoop that he spent hours practicing those three pointers out in the driveway.

While the family who just purchased the home is not public information, and their plans to keep or sell the infamous driveway hoop are unknown, it would be awesome if they had a son or daughter who wanted to become a basketball star. That hoop has got to have some Kobe magic. And imagine how cool it would be to invite friends over for a game of PIG or 3v3 at the hoop Kobe Bryant used as a kid. If I got that invite, I’d definitely go.


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