It seems to be that Kuo Social in Robbinsville is closing its doors.

If you didn’t get a chance to get there before the unofficial closing, it was a modernized Chinese restaurant that had such a great menu for both food and drinks.

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I loved their poke bowls and I swear they’re going to be missed by everyone in Mercer County! I saw a lot of people talking on Facebook that it seemed to be officially closed and when you walk by the doors are locked and every single table and chair is packed up on the inside.

Also, when you drive by there’s a sign on the door that states it was closed for “technical difficulties” and would “reopen on 10/27”, but unfortunately it seems that it has yet to open back up.

I’m really sad about this one! It was in the most perfect location in Robbinsville, right on the corner on Route 33. Now since the restaurant could be closing, everyone is trying to figure out what would come next.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an answer for that right now, but hopefully, in the near future, we’ll hear something. I have a feeling that because of the location of the restaurant, it wouldn't stay vacant for long. It’s right next to hot spots like DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies and Dolce and Clemente, so whatever comes will for sure make its mark on Mercer County, NJ.

If anything moves into the potentially vacant spot, I’ll be sure to update you. Hopefully, it’s something completely new and unique to the area!

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