If you’re looking for events that will get you into the Halloween season, you will definitely want to check out this house in Lambertville, NJ.

There are always plenty of Halloween and haunted events that you can go to during October, but I’m positive that 99% of them are not free. I saw a few TikToks from locals who have sworn this is a must-see attraction in downtown Lambertville.

The family that is the main attraction for Halloween in Lambertville is the Dragans, according to NJ.com. In 2018, the family celebrated their 20th year of Halloween decorating festivities and NJ.com made sure to capture the Halloween magic in a video.

This is the 24th year this family has put on this Halloween spectacular display, and each year it draws more and more people. I have never seen a Halloween display like this! I’m a huge Halloween person, it’s my favorite holiday, so I cannot wait to make my way to Lambertville and check out this amazing display!

The best part about the Lambertville area is that not only does this specific house have a completely immersive experience, but a lot of other surrounding neighbors also get in on the Halloween fun as well.

This TikTok shows all of the different front yard displays you can see while venturing down North Union Street in Lambertville, New Jersey.

If you’re looking to visit The Dragan’s Halloween House and take a look at some of the other displays in Lambertville, NJ, head to 133 North Union Street in Lambertville, New Jersey!

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