Ready for some cool Halloween fun? The Halloween House is coming to Quaker Bridge Mall starting October 1st and you're going to love it.

Have you heard of it? The website says it's an "immersive, one of a kind Halloween experience where you are transported to an all Halloween world. Everyone of our impeccably detailed, fully realized rooms is a different Halloween theme (including Stranger Things and The Nightmare Before Christmas) designed to make every Halloween lover's experience unforgettable.

Facebook/Halloween House
Facebook/Halloween HouseQuaker Bridge

I know what you're thinking. Will it be too scary for your little ones? Nah. There's fun for all ages.

They want you to have fun not run out screaming and crying. Lol.

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Don't worry. There won't be anyone jumping out to scare you (Thank God, that's the worst part for me. I get startled very easily). There's no actors/actresses at all, just cool Halloween stuff. There's no blood and guts that will make you want to throw up. Lol.

Again, their goal is to give you a fun experience that you'll tell all your friends about. You may want to go more than once.

If you love everything about Halloween except getting scared, you'll love Halloween House. There's a Trick or Treat themed room, a Glow in the Dark room, an indoor pumpkin patch attraction and more.

Halloween House kicks off Saturday, October 1st and runs through Tuesday, November 1st. There are plenty of times for you to visit. During the week it opens at 3:30pm. Saturdays it opens at 11am and Sundays it opens at 12pm.


If you're coming from out of the area, Quaker Bridge Mall is located at 3320 Route 1 in Lawrence Township.

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